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Lily Buckner 

Licensed Massage Therapist & Aesthetician

I’ve always been a free spirit. Blessed with a loving family and a wild imagination, my childhood was filled with exploration and creativity. My penchant for art filled my early life with creative endeavors like painting, dancing, knitting, sewing, singing, making pottery, playing the cello and trombone, and acting. It was later, while attending the University of Santa Cruz, that I found my desire for connection and education shift towards the natural world itself, the entity I had once painted, sculpted, and honored through music. This discovery catapulted me to live in Germany as an Au Pair, study with a Peruvian Shaman and eventually lead me to realize that I wanted to pursue a path in the alternative healing arts.

Pursuing an education in massage therapy was a natural progression. While studying at the Sedona School of Massage in Sedona, Arizona, I had access to teachers from all around the world as well as an incredibly beautiful and powerful environment. It was at massage school that my body consciousness was challenged and expanded. I became more intrigued by movement and breath and all the healing those modalities had to offer. After receiving my certification and working in Sedona at the Center for the New Age, I moved back home to California to explore movement and aesthetics.

Back in Los Angeles I dove into my yoga practice, studying with teachers who I greatly admire and respect. Yoga is a traditional method of joining the individual with the divine. Physically, yoga poses are used to align, tone and strengthen the body; and promote blood flow to all the tissues, glands and organs. In my yoga practice I learned the importance of a strong connection with the ground which has carried on into my massage practice. Yoga inspired me to explore more movement modalities, including dance practices focused on integrating movement and interpersonal connections. I have also found that rock climbing is a positive influence on my massage practice, since it helps develop lean endurance muscles and enables me to provide a deep tissue experience for people of all shapes and sizes. Finding movement to be incredibly healing and balancing, I am committed to continuing my journey into the healing opportunities of the movement modalities, allowing me to be stronger and more present in my life and work.

I completed my aesthetician training at Hacienda Heights La Puente Adult Education, a Dermalogica partnership education program. My appreciation for the skin and its importance in protection and filtration has taken on new importance. I use only the best organic oils on my clients because their health and wellbeing is my priority.

Eyelash extensions are a new service I offer clients. I use Xtreme Lashes‘ products and the professional application techniques I learned in their training program.

I believe strongly in the interconnection and integration of the mind, body and spirit. I seek to help people release themselves from unhealthy patterns, allowing them to explore and grow into new spaces within themselves. Through a focus on communication, breathing and attention, I listen to my clients’ bodies and words. Approaching my clients with the utmost compassion and understanding, I help them relieve themselves of pain, discomfort, disconnection, blockages, stress, and sickness. By staying wholly present with them for the duration of the session, I am able adjust for their individual needs. I always encourage them to listen to their bodies in order to co-create the experience that they most need.