Custom Massage Session:

A massage session in which I tap into all my trainings and lineages and create a massage tailored to your intention. Whether it be general relaxation, injury recovery or fascia restructuring, WELCOME to your custom session.

Custom Massage Pricing:

1 Hour Session: $100
1.5 Hour Session $150

Abdominal Massage Session:

This session is created to calm the nervous system and connect you with the vast knowledge and power within your belly! The abdomen is filled with your organs and is the home of the enteric nervous system. With massage and breathwork, help release any stuck emotions, stressors and reconnect with your intuition and power.

Abdominal Massage Pricing:

1 Hour Session: $100

Scalp Massage Session:

Treat yourself to total head abandon. Deep relaxation with healing oils massaged into the scalp, rosehip facial oils massaged into the face and coconut oil massaged into the base of the skull.

Scalp Massage Pricing:

30 min Session: $60

Pre and Post Natal Massage Session:

One of the most luxurious massages one can receive, treat yourself to some care for your being. We will focus and create together whatever is needed most: whether it be an hour foot massage, liquefying that tension between your shoulders, bring soft loving nerve sensation back to your belly, smoothing out those knots in the neck or simply taking a moment to breathe, relax and sleep. This session is created to refill that wellspring and bring nourishment to the mother and child.

Pre and Post Natal Massage Pricing:

1 Hour Session: $100
1.5 Hour Session $150

Corporate Chair Massage Session:

Help improve the clarity, connection and productivity of your employees by booking a chair massage session today!

Corporate Chair Massage Pricing:

Hourly rate $100 plus travel fee depending on region of Los Angeles